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Arena Animation International Program (AAIP-Broadcast)

Broadcasting Courses in Arena House

Creative skills & knowledge in high-end designing software is all you need to make it big in the television industry. The Indian broadcast television industry was estimated at Rs. 47,500 crores in 2014, and is expected to be Rs. 97,500 crores in 2019*. This growth will lead to an increase in the number of jobs and demand for trained & certified designers to create engaging motion visuals for communication, entertainment, edutainment, and commercial programs for broadcast.

Arena’s AAIP Broadcast trains you in all aspects of designing for broadcast and makes you job-ready. You learn fundamentals and techniques of graphic animation, live-footages, music, sound, electronic & interactive media, and latest tools and technologies used in the broadcast industry.

New Module

Cinema 4D Broadcast

Cinema 4D Broadcast has everything needed to create dynamic broadcast graphics quickly and easily. Ideal choice for Motion graphics artist looking to add 3D to existing suite of tools.
Cinema 4D Broadcast contains all the features of a 3d animation software as well as specific tools for creating motion graphics, including industry-leading cloning tools, advanced rendering options such as
#Global Illumination
#a high-end library packed with 3D models
#lighting setups
#video clips
Cinema 4D Broadcast contains many elements common with 2D Motion graphics packages - and that flattens the learning curve!

Course Highlights

  • Access Onlinevarsity: Onlinevarsity is Arena's learning app for students. You can have exclusive access to course material, discuss doubts & problems with professors, plan activities & projects, get reference material, etc.
  • Understand concepts of design, composition, typography, visualization, audio-video editing, and digital filmmaking
  • Learn to create artworks & illustrations, and retouch images
  • Understand the techniques and create storyboards for animation
  • Create 2D & 3D animations & vector graphics
  • Create broadcast motion graphics & promos using Cinema 4D
  • Get hands-on training using latest tools including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Flash
  • Specialization in an area of your choice & a professional work portfolio

Career options after AAIP-Broadcast

  • Graphics Designer
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Illustration Artist
  • Layout Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Digital Artist
  • Pre Production Artist
  • Stoaryboard Artist
  • 2D Motion Graphics Artist
  • 3D Motion Graphics Artist
  • Renedering Artist
  • Comnpositor
  • Audio-Video Editor
  • CG Modeler
  • Content Designer For OOT


Develop your visualisation, graphic, and audio-video editing skills, and learn to design for broadcast.


Concept of Graphics & Illustrations

Anatomy Study

Typography Design

Digital Illustrations

Digital Painting

2D Animation Concepts

Digital Film Making & Pre Production

Production Planning-I

Sound Editing

Video Editing

Storyboarding & Animatics

Digital Portfolio





Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Animate CC*


Autodesk Shotgun

Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Premiere CC

Adobe Premiere CC


You will get a Certificate in AAIP in Graphic & Visual Design (GVD) on completion of the first semester of the course.

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Learn 3D animation, visual effects & compositing, and develop your own broadcast design portfolio.


Broadcast Design

Production Planning - II

3D Basics - Modeling to Animation

Motion Graphics in 3DS Max

Rendering With V-Ray

Broadcast Design Using Cinema 4D

Visual Effects & Compositing

Advanced Post Production Techniques

Digital Marketing & Media Concepts

Broadcast Media

Production Planning - III

Broadcast Design Portfolio


Concepts & Structure

Autodesk Shotgun

3DS Max 2015

3DS Max 2015

3DS Max With V-Ray

Cinema 4D

Adobe After Effects professional

Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Web, Television, Radio, Mobile, You tube and Social Mediaa

Autodesk Shotgun


You will get a Certificate in AAIP - Broadcast on completion of this course.

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10+2 (Arts/ Science/ Commerce)/ College students.


20 months (2 hours a day for 3 days a week.) You can also complete this course quickly by attending extra hours of classes. ( 2 hours a day for 6 days a week.)